Canon m100 clean hdmi achieved!

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Canon m100 clean hdmi achieved!

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I have tested this and it works

Simple Canon Basic script for the EOS M100, firmware 100a. Modified version of the M6 script, with firmware version check added.
UNTESTED, feedback is welcome.
Code: ' clean rec mode palette
' EOS M100, 100a

DIM palette_buffer_ptr = 0x116f4
DIM active_palette_buffer = 0x116ec
DIM palette_to_zero = 0

public sub check_compat()
if Peek16(0xe1f20270) = 0x32d1 then
check_compat = 1
check_compat = 0
end if
if strcmp("GM1.00A",0xe047b5b1) <> 0 then
check_compat = 0
end if
end sub

private sub RegisterProcs()
end sub

private sub palette_mod()
adr = *palette_buffer_ptr
adr = adr + (palette_to_zero * 4)
if *adr <> 0 then
adr = *adr + 4
memset(adr, 0, 256 * 4)
end if
end sub

private sub Initialize()
ret = check_compat()
if ret=1 then
end if
end sub
Usage and notes (taken from my earlier post):
Save it as extend.m in the root directory of the card. The card should be prepared to run scripts.
Switch on the camera in playback mode and press SET. If the script does what is intended, the overlay should be mostly clean when you switch the cam to any shooting mode. There might be some parts of the overlay that remain unaffected.

alrighty i just messed something up lol i didnt put the correct line in script.req, or DC_scriptdisk, I changed it and retryed my dump and it worked, then i tried your script and it provides a 100% clean hdmi signal! no facebox nothing! great job dude ill repost this on the main thread of your post so people know it works!

for anyone out there who isnt familiar with chdk but wants to have clean hdmi and findds this post:

create blank file extend.txt paste the above script in this file
create blank file script.txt paste DC_scriptdisk in this file

rename extend.txt> extend.m
rename script.txt>script.req
put both files on the root of your sd card (not in a file just the main directory is what root means)
download eoscard if your on windows >
run it
select your sd card
click save
>returns= write successful
put card in camera
boot using the green picture playbackbutton NOT power
click set a few times
if you have a lens like the 15-45 on keep it locked
when you switch to camera/record/or auto it will say "done" in green at the top. now you can unlock your lens and have clean hdmi!

Canon EOS M100 Canon EOS M6
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