Cheap Nikon for IR conversion

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Re: Cheap Nikon for IR conversion

for dslr there are many videos and tutorial step-by-step how to remove it, and it doesn't look that hard to do, so i presume mirrorless won't be  much harder. I haven't checked any video for mirrorless yet, but i can find cheap nex for under 200$ used, or A6000 for under 350$, with a some kit lens.
I still don't get it how can you do hand-held IR photos without removing the  filter ,  as it blocks way too much IR. with my DSLR i remember that funny few-minute exposures in bright daylight (for 850nm which is not the darkest one).  And if i don't have to put any replacement glass, that would be great. It's hard to find such thing if you are not in the states. And noone in Bulgaria offers such conversions  so i'll have to do it myself.

That red dot  on the lenses is blessing, i used it before with my filter. Luckily most of my lenses are old so they have that, as some of the new G lenses are without that and you'll have to guess even more.

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