My D500 shoots 11+ fps

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Re: My D500 shoots 11+ fps

Greyser wrote:

xGumbyx wrote:

Greyser wrote:

It should be generated by quartz crystal. Isn't it? How come it is not really accurate for you?

Not really no, a web stopwatch is a piece of software, not a quartz crystal. Again, I'm not trying to call you a liar. It would be cool if you could post images 1 through 11? Or even the first and last in a burst.

You're shooting raw, are you shooting 14bit uncompressed?

There are 1st and 11th images from the sequence:



Yes, I shoot 14 bit RAW, don't remember compressed or uncompressed though. It is too late now to verify.

OK, so the 11th frame was timed at 0.954 seconds after the first.  Over a long period, that's a rate of 10 frames in every 0.954 seconds, not 11 - which converts to 10.482 fps, not "11+" fps.

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