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Re: 600PF??

xGumbyx wrote:

I'm curious exactly when speaking the truth became "bashing"?

But are you right - if not your comments lack credibility.

The issue with keeping up with orders is the manufacturing of the pf element.

How do you know?

Ignoring the business logic of producing one less unit than demand means more profit as there is no need for discounting, and producing one more than demand leads to discounting and less profit; if it costs $500,000 to set up a second PF element production line to shift what is likely to be a few months backlog and the "profit" gain is only $250,000, this is not sound business sense.

You and I do not know what the economics of a second production line are.

We do know Nikon are producing the 500 PF at a rate of at around 80% of the 300 PF - with the 300 selling (UK prices) at close to the cost of a D750 or D500 and the 500 selling at three times the price.

If you look at D750 and D850 units sold in USA, the photosynthesis site as guidance clarifies the lower price unit sells in much greater volume.

A few might moan and groan but many might say, as with the first 15 months of D850 sales, "Hey this Nikon stuff must be good".

In the background several posters are reporting how they successfully got a 500 PF in a few relatively short weeks.

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