My D500 shoots 11+ fps

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Re: My D500 shoots 11+ fps

xGumbyx wrote:

Web clocks aren't always a reliable source to use as a stopwatch unless they are using some sort of script that is reading the exact time on the computer itself.

It should be generated by quartz crystal. Isn't it? How come it is not really accurate for you?

You'd be better off using a stopwatch or even a stopwatch app on the tablet.

Long time ago I did similar test shooting a real stopwatch. Don't think there is difference.

It's also nearly impossible to start taking pictures and pressing start on a stopwatch at the same time (if that's what you were doing). The time of the first image should be subtracted from the time of the 11th image to see if you are under 10 seconds.

Nobody needs to start a stopwatch. Just keep it running and shoot the bursts.

You can also simply just burst 11+ images and then check the image timestamps.

That was exactly what I did.

I'm not saying your camera isn't doing 11fps, I'm just saying more investigating is needed. Others have claimed that their D500 is shooting over 10fps in the past but when it was looked at closer it appears that they weren't. Cool beans if yours is though!

The different 11-frame slices from long bursts of 20-30+ frame sequences are very consistent. So, at least for the short bursts, I'm pretty confident that my D500 shoots 11+ fps.

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