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Re: 1000s of negatives and how to find something

Pete Biro wrote:

I have 1000s of negatives and as many slides and to sort through
and find images is a nightmare.

Tell me about it :o(( And btw, dont forget the storing capacity it needs.

With digital you can search CDs and make dupes and send to
publications and never lose the originals.

Yes, and there's also lots of special photo archiving software to make the job even easier.

I have had thousands of original negatives/and/or slides lost by
publications over the years.

Some twenty years ago, during the movement from one house to another, something desastrous happened to me. The bottom of a cardboard box full of boxed slides cracked open and hundreds of slides fell in a dirty wet gutter. It took me months of spare time to clean them, and quite a few were damaged beyong repair. Acid ingrediants (apperantly from the dead leaves in the gutter, it was in the fall....) had affected the film surface. Luckily we have photoshop now. Every now and then I take a few of those old damaged slides and retouch as much as possible on the computer.

If only digital was there from the start of my career.

I've started to digitize my archive of old negs and slides. Every now and then I do some. But to be honest, I have so many, and it takes so much time if you want to do a good job, that I'll be probably still busy with it by the time I live in an ol' pensioners home...

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