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Re: Disqualified?

As crosson has dq-ed just a few entries ( sunsets) - the challenge has turned in to a mish- mash farce with a few "harsh light" entries.

Another request in the challenge is to "show off a technique that sets your harsh light photography apart". Usually this means : a lens shade , a fill-in flash , an UV/haze filter if taking pictures at high elevation or a polarizing filter to reduce sun reflections from a water/glass scenes. How many of this kind pictures can be find in the challenge ?

Yes exactly! Well stated.

I am disappointed with some entries but have enjoyed a few too. On DPReview challenges you usually get a mixed bag. But I still think they are entertaining and are a great way to establish community here.

As a host my lesson here is some challenges will be easy to interprit and render healthier participation. Other challenges will be somewhat ambiguous and the entries will also be ambiguous.

There is a follow up challenge, by request, called "Poor Light" which I think may be slightly worse.

However I see a lot of repeated challenges that are either cliche or boring (IMHO). I am trying to add some weirdness in there.

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