E-M1X AF settings for birds ?

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Re: E-M1X AF settings for birds ?

glassoholic wrote:

mikero wrote:

I think the consensus is that tracking doesn't work, at least reliably. Use C-AF.

You'd best shoot sequential low rather than single shot as it uses previous frames to refine focus (at least that's my understanding). Obviously sequential high won't follow focus.

Other people have advised against centre start or centre priority.

I tend to use a 5x5 grid of focus points, or all points if the background is distant.

Using the limiter helps to avoid locking onto the background.


+1 in a nutshell.

I was rather disappointed with the Center Start and Centre Priority... at least for birds it simply drops your keeper rate. I disable both for all AF groups. It is just too aggressive and by the time it "looks" at surrounding AF points, the shot is lost. You can have an AF outer point in say a 9 or 25 AF point group on a bird, and by the time it lets go of the centre AF point, the bird is gone. Maybe something like football is where it will improve things?

Thanks. Switching off the bias was a good idea, I did manage to capture a little wagtail when it landed and immediately lifted off from a wooden fence near a hide I was in this morning. It was offcentre, but a keeper.

Even so, I'm getting around to the conclusion that despite the raw potential, this camera in its current state isn't quite the birder's dream that it could be. At least, this birder's dream.

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