Having my first child, what is a solid but affordable upgrade from my X100?

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Re: Having my first child, what is a solid but affordable upgrade from my X100?

CatholicBlock wrote:

Here’s the two problems with the camera I’ve used and loved for several years (and yes, it’s the very first X100!):

1) the 23mm fixed lens is probably not the best for portraits of my newborn, and

2) the camera is sloooow. It’s been okay for vacation shots when traveling with my wife, but only barely. AF is especially awful in low light.

So yeah, with a small kid soon to be crawling around, I feel like the X100 is probably not gonna cut it. However, budget is tight and I want to stay under $800.

Would a used X-T1 or X-T10 with a 35mm f1.4 or newer 1.8 make sense? Would the autofocus be a solid improvement over the X100?

A newer gen X-T20 or a E-X3 is probably over my budget used, but I’ll consider it if AF is a huge leap forward

Of course that depends on lenses though, which is what makes me confused... I know the 35mm f1.4 has a reputation of being something of a bottleneck, so perhaps I don’t need the newest camera? But is a 35mm even the right choice for baby shots?

Thanks a lot for any help and suggestions!

I shoot a Nikon FF and don't own a Fuji, yet. I've been doing quite a bit of research and playing around with options. It would seem to me that the XT30 with OIS kit lens, 23 F2 and 90 F2 would be the best walk around and portrait combo. Get the kit and an inexpensive flash, use that and overtime, add the other two lenses (I think you already have the 23 F2?) the XT30 may be a bit above budget at the moment, but, it's well worth it. May mke sense to look for a used one. I've seen a couple with Kit for around 900

I'm looking at a Fuji XT30 with the kit lens and using my manual focus F mount as portrait lenses. If I do this though, I may end up getting the 90F2 for the AFabilities despite having an 85 1.4 manual focus lens. Obviously this is a long term plan.

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