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Re: Disqualified?

By standing on the Shoulders of Giants wrote:

tasad wrote:

If you ask in your challenge :https://www.dpreview.com/challenges/Challenge.aspx?ID=13789 ... "Show off your technique and demonstrate strong middle of the day photography. Prove to us that we need not wake up early and go to bed late. (...) " - then an exif data should be mandatory... And , of course - entries have to be checked , if they were taken at "middle of the day" ( those who woke up early or went to bed late should be DQ-ed )....

If you study the way the host composed the challenge, the word ‘demonstrate’ has put the onus of deliverance on the entrants.

If I understand the first 3 sentences correctly : https://www.dpreview.com/challenges/Challenge.aspx?ID=13789 ... the challenge is about a "harsh light".  In photography , a "harsh light" means a midday sunlight or a not bounced , not diffused flashlight.

If you study the thousands pictures taken by the host : https://www.flickr.com/photos/cliffrossons/ ... you can conclude , that he exactly knows what the "harsh light " means and what his challenge should be about.

So no proof nor any additional imagined responsibility of diligence is needed from the host. In any case, no proof is ever needed in these challenges and there is no clause whatsoever that says the hosts (nor the voters) have to check anything.

As crosson has dq-ed just a few entries ( sunsets) - the challenge has turned in to a mish- mash farce with a few "harsh light" entries.

Another request in the challenge is to "show off a technique that sets your harsh light photography apart".  Usually this means : a lens shade , a fill-in flash , an UV/haze filter if taking pictures at high elevation  or a polarizing filter to reduce sun reflections from a water/glass scenes.  How many   of this kind  pictures can  be find in the challenge ?

Wouldn’t it be funny if tasad starts accusing voters of irresponsible voting. I could only imagine if he comes up with a line saying, “you should not vote until you have looked through the exif”.

I can check for them the exif...

On a wider point of view when it comes to these challenges, there are people who are pure killjoy.

This also applies to some hosts.

I would advise the new hosts to just ignore them.

Crosson is not a "new" host.

I do have a suggestion (if I were to write this particular challenge) - I would just state “Show off your technique and enter photo which strongly APPEARS to be taken in the middle of day.” Therefore as long as the photo appears to look the part, no one can pick a bone with the hosts nor the entrant even if the Exif shows the entrant took the shot at 3AM in the morning. This phrasing also puts more power to the host to remove any lame and weak entries which do not look the part, despite being taken at 12 o’clock noon. But those are just my suggestions, so if you don’t like it, you can just ignore it. Good luck in hosting the challenges.

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