Sealife DC2000 or Sony RX0 II ?

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TJD999 New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Sealife DC2000 or Sony RX0 II ?

I had high hopes for the Sealife DC2000, but Just sold it to stick with my Olympus TG-5. Some reasons for selling: No optical zoom, slow shutter response and write time, somewhat awkward controls when in the water, build quality not up to Olympus, and only incremental better image quality over the 1/2.3 sensor. I should note that I only use the TG-5 when snorkeling to about 25 feet, so quick camera response is a necessity.

Probably will buy the new TG-6. Al;though, for whatever reasons, it still does not have a manual mode (like the DC2000), it now has a "minimum shutter speed" feature that should be able to limit shutter speeds in "aperture priority mode:" to a range sufficient to cleanly capture fish, etc.

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