( F ) E mout is (probably) the most future proof mount of them all

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( F ) E mout is (probably) the most future proof mount of them all

There was a lot of hype for digital cameras a decade ago. Since then many things have changed and especially the DSLRs have come to a sudden stall in innovation. (long ago especially with respect to Canon)

This prediction is IMHO spot on and clearly illustrates the threats for different mounts:

I like the way Tony addresses this topic with a non sentiment driven but numbers driven way of understanding the potential market development.

What do we know for sure?

  1. SmartPhones will eat more or less the entire entry level market and maybe also some higher positioned gear in photography - simply because it is convenient and it's the always with you camera
  2. Not all brands and mounts will survive due to market acceptance
  3. Sony is currently the only ML manufacturer that has the same mount for crop and FF

All in all I guess it is a save bet to buy Sony at this point in time - with the prediction of a 50 % decline over the next three years in camera sales all camera manufactures will have serious problems to maintain the research and investment in development of new gear.

On the long run my prediction (coming from a similar background as Tony) is that we'll see only a few mounts being supported with new gear in 4..5 years from now.

Sony is IMHO a very save bet to be one of them.

Having shot with Canon for a decade I'd not want to go back to any DSLR.

In case we need to see the commitment on new tech I guess the GM 135 is one of the best examples of the innovation power from Sony - let's cross fingers we'll see further exciting stuff in the upcoming months - like this rumor - can't wait for next week with the WWDCand the potential Sony announcement - I am ready to pull the trigger on some exciting stuff

What do you guys think?

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