Some of my first photos with A6300

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Re: Some of my first photos with A6300

"Snoots are something I've been thinking about since my very beginnings but I have decided to go step by step and I think I should not introduce new techniques until I feel I manage well what I have."

Those narrow snoots you can buy ready made are a bit difficult to us since they lit just a spot. What I use is a 8 cm diameter and 10 cm long plastic tube which narrows the strobe's angle to maybe 45 deg. They are still very easy to position. Using these kind of snoots is quite easy but anyway you need to practice on dry land not uw.

I think f5.6 is too open for macro, DoF would be too narrow. It is already very narrow at f-numbers higher than f11 when using kit lens at 50mm and the +6 diopter and working distance of a few inches.

I think you misundersottd me. My point was by using snoots you can get the desired dark or black background even if the background is close to your subject.

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