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Re: 600PF??

Rob Blight wrote:

DerKeyser wrote:

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think we will ever see a 600PF for F-Mount.

It would be the perfect “lure” to get birders and action shooters to join the Mirrorless revolution. So my guess is, that with the success of 500PF Nikon will leave F-mount alone and after a Z9 or whatever it’s called is introduced, the 600PF will be released for Z-mount.

Good point

That way those that really want it will have to join the Z revolution and the beginning of pro’s on Z can commence Once a pro Z9 is released there will be a huge demand for native tele lenses as well. Why make another hallmark lens for the obsolete F-Mount and face even more delays for Z lens demand?

Stand to be corrected but the FTZ (or an equivalent tube of requisite robustness) is the only principal design difference that turns a SLR telephoto into the Z-MILC version

You could also argue the opposite - they will make it F-mount to assure they keep selling DSLRs. Nikon are arguably at the top in terms of highly regarded DSLRs (D850, D500 etc) and I would think they want to keep milking that rather than switching purely over to mirrorless (which is now a far more competitive market).

Yes. makes sense

What's the longest native mirrorless lens? Sony 400/2.8? I think there must be a reason we aren't seeing a lot of superteles for mirrorless and it might be because the AF systems still aren't quite there yet.

Both explanations have merit wrt whether the DSLR - MILC as the imaging instrument. It's about selling more cameras, albeit the higher profit margin in the telephoto optic sold to as many photographers as possible.

OTH the legacy of the SLR leading into DSLRs not the main reason why the telephotos that matter are all for DSLR mounts? The origins of the fast 300s etc began in the 1960s (notably Tokyo Olympics, search the Nikon 1001 Nights series of essays), and lead to major breakthroughs in AF and lens elements of Extra-Low dispersion and fluorite glass, which in the case of Nikon took a leap forward thanks to "Genius" Sato , an optical maestro of note.

Sigma? They've built for the market, which is Canon and Nikon SLR cameras mostly.

Sony? A very recent player for whom DSLRs are the externality, but with the resources for serious R&D to catch up to CaNikon. Hence their 400 f2.8

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