one Lens only sony 55 1.8 or Batis 40mm?

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Re: one Lens only sony 55 1.8 or Batis 40mm?

I have both lens. To me the B40 have more in common to the 35mm than 50/55mm. So to me they are not in direct comparison.


The 55ZA is good for portrait or in places where you have room to play. The further MFD make it not as versatile than the Batis, but will give you a better isolation from the background. The bokeh is not perfect, but will give you some swirling effect.

B40 is a premium lens sit in-between of everything. It's a standard wide, sit in between 35 & 50. It can focus super close but not a macro. It's big in size but light in weight. It's not fast but not slow either.

The B40 after the firmware update is very enjoyable to use. Focus is fast and accurate and the close focus stop down is less noticeable. The weather sealing also give you a peace of mind.

If you only keeping one lens. I will take the B40 or even the FE 50/1.8 (with the latest firmware). The 55ZA to me is not a one lens solution like the 35/40mm.

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