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Re: 600PF??

DerKeyser wrote:

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think we will ever see a 600PF for F-Mount.

It would be the perfect “lure” to get birders and action shooters to join the Mirrorless revolution. So my guess is, that with the success of 500PF Nikon will leave F-mount alone and after a Z9 or whatever it’s called is introduced, the 600PF will be released for Z-mount.

That way those that really want it will have to join the Z revolution and the beginning of pro’s on Z can commence Once a pro Z9 is released there will be a huge demand for native tele lenses as well. Why make another hallmark lens for the obsolete F-Mount and face even more delays for Z lens demand?

You could also argue the opposite - they will make it F-mount to assure they keep selling DSLRs. Nikon are arguably at the top in terms of highly regarded DSLRs (D850, D500 etc) and I would think they want to keep milking that rather than switching purely over to mirrorless (which is now a far more competitive market).

What's the longest native mirrorless lens? Sony 400/2.8? I think there must be a reason we aren't seeing a lot of superteles for mirrorless and it might be because the AF systems still aren't quite there yet.

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