Nikon Z3, Z5 & Z9 Rumours

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Re: Nikon Z3, Z5 & Z9 Rumours

Would a Nikon DX mirrorless have the same mount as the FX mirrorless?

If so what's the point of introducing DX mirrorless lenses? They'd be nearly as big as the FX mirrorless lenses.

But, perhaps all DX level ML bodies and lenses will be lightweight plastic cheap narrow-aperture zoomy kit items and all FX level ML bodies and lenses will be metal expensive superior items.

In that case, when upgrading from a cheap plastic DX body to an FX body, the DX lenses could be used as a stop gap (and vice versa with a lens purchase first strategy) - offering an upgrade path that wasn't offered by the 1 system.

Hmmm maybe that's what they're up to...

Could be a cunning plan.

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