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Re: 600PF??

These speculations circle round to threads of a year ago .

The 300 f4E PF takes a 77mm filter vs 95mm in the 500 f5.6E PF. There are recurring rumours the chinese factory has been struggled with QC issues on the 500 PF, which needs a larger PF element.....bigger PF real estate could be the possible nub of QC challenges in molding elements to the very high specs etc

The front element of a 600 f5.6 PF must have an diameter of 107.2mm - minimum. This is despite the phase-fresnel element squeezing down lens OL to 330mm (if not less), which in turn confers the allometric bonus of a lighter lens chassis.

Nikon's patents give their 400 f5.6 PF a TL of 220mm - 110mm shorter than the 600 f5.6. At 1460g, the 500 f5.6 PF is 237mm long, less than the patent spec of 280mm. Actually, IF it performs well with TCs, the real gem would be light compact 400 f4E PF, close to 200mm OL, but such a telephoto needs a 100mm aperture.

If we are going to see a 600 f5.6 PF later this year, it's likely Nikon has already selected ambassadors to test it in the field with due discretion. Last year, they included Michelle Valberg and Richard Peters


Also Keith Ladinsky , although Nikon marketing bungled his video !?!

Yet again all speculation. The patent is the only grounds that Nikon might add a 600 to its lineup. All else is conjecture

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