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Re: 600PF??

xGumbyx wrote:

Nikon can't even keep up with 500pf orders due to, as rumour has it, the pf element itself being very difficult to manufacture due to its size (compared to the 300pf).

antonoat postage just before you "As for those who are continually bashing Nikon for the availability for the 500 I wish you would give it a rest"

I say plus 1 - and in addition you seem not to be quoting truth.

The 500 PF is likely to be about double the price of the 500 PF at some time in the future when street discounts are available on both lenses.

Information shows Nikon has supplied 38,774 300 PF's in 39 months - an average of 994 a month.

Nikon has supplied around 6,550 copies of the 500 PF in 9 months - an average of 727 a month.

Unless you expect Nikon to produce more D850 bodies than D750 bodies with their similar 50% price differential you cannot find 1% evidence the rumour you quote is true, and at least 99% evidence if you look it is not true.

One possibility is that in another 9 months order backlogs for the 500 PF will be short; as happened with the 300 PF in the UK after about 18 months of production.

On the 500pf the pf element looks almost as large as the outside element.


The same is true of the 300 PF

As both lenses have a 77mm front filter size each PF element has a similar diameter based on Nikon literature. The diameter difference looks less than 3mm based on the drawings at www.nikon.imaging.com

If this would be the same case for a 600pf good luck that Nikon could deliver in any type of reliable capacity.

Nikon hasdelivered reliable supplies of both the 300 and 500 PF

That aside will there be a 600 PF?

My guess is - unlikely - because

a/ the TC-14e III fills the gap quite well between 300 and 500mm

b/ sales of a 600 PF would compete quite directly with the 500 PF, likely reducing the volume of sales to perhaps less than 500 month. This implies a longer production run-in time to recoup development costs.

c/ to keep a 600 PF compact and lightweight it needs a larger front element than the 500 PF - maybe 95 mm combined with f6.3.

I am not saying "never" to a 600 PF as, although f6.3 and a 1.4 x does not AF with 24x36 DSLR's, f11 combinations AF reasonably well on my Z7.

d/ as Nikon has the 600 PF patent a competitor wanting to introduce a 600 PF would have the dilemma of the cost of working around the patent or paying Nikon a licence fee.

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