one Lens only sony 55 1.8 or Batis 40mm?

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Re: one Lens only sony 55 1.8 or Batis 40mm?

There is a very similar thread at

I am copying what I posted there:


For a single lens solution, the Batis 40.

The Batis 40 is just excellent.

For "normal" focal lengths, both the 55/1.8 and the 35/2.8 ate excellent . The 55/1.8 is the lens that first sucked me into the Sony system.

However, I find the 35 to be a wee bit too wide for normal. Yet not wide enough for landscapes. The 55, I find a bit too narrow, but not narrow enough for portraits.

The 40mm sits right in between and replaces my 35 and 55. It provides enough space for context, yet is narrow enough for some isolation. For a FOV comparison check out this page:

For any system, the normal is considered to be the size of the diagonal of the sensor. For FF 36 x 24mm, the diagonal is 43mm. So 40 is just right (reminds me of the Pentax FA 43).

In terms of images quality, the Batis 40 is just excellent. Great rendering and tack sharp wide open.

It also makes for a nice 2 or 3 lens combo. For Travel etc Batis 25/40 will make a nice combo. I have the Loxia 21, Batis 25/40/85/135 and Zony 35/55.

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