Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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For anyone who is happy with faces devoid of any details of expression, or who doesn't give a hoot about the robe's beautiful blue and gray trim that is lost in the phone's image, then great for you – use your device in perfect contentment. But, please stop posting on a camera-centric forum about how wonderful phone camera's are and that all cameras will soon be obsolete due to computational wonders. Please.

Peace and happy photo-taking to one and all.


"But look at this incredible landscape picture I took in extremely unchallenging conditions with perfect lighting that looks almost as good as a photo taken by a real camera!"

Why people with this opinion only seem to flock to the EOS M forum, I'll never completely understand.

The reason they probably flock here is because the EOS M is priced to compete with a cell phone. For "normal" people something like an EOS M may be the camera of choice when they're taking pictures they care about. But if the pictures aren't better than the phone in their pocket why would they bother with it??

EOS M can't compete on price with smartphones, as the camera needs lenses to show it capabilities other than only the kitlens.  M50 + 11-22mm + 32mm + 55-200 for instance is more than 1500, and you still need another (cheap ass)  thing as a phone.

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If your facts are different we could save the peace just by calling it copy to copy variation.

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