Eye Af Test FW 3.01 -- Not Happy and Not Working Well -- Is it me or.....

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That's what I'm seeing. I don't know if it's the latest update, or the new gen algorithms designed for a bit higher speed with face detection off vs accuracy, but at close distances, face detection off gives less variability and you can check it doing the same thing I did with a screen.

Might have to do with the fact that Samyang has unreliable AF-C and it’s best to test with a native Sony lens. Which the author of the video has done. Isn’t this like your fourth copy of the Samyang? I’m just waiting to hear back from the shop if I can return it. It has the worst AF of any lens I’ve ever owned.

You're right, it might be the samyang (but the samyang focuses nicely in af-s or with face detection off) but my only other native lens is the Sony 50 1.8 that is even worse focusing, and it already was in my old a7r2. I'll test the 50 but I think I'll have similar results. Curious how my best performers in accuracy right now are the adapted sigma 35 and the Canon 70-200c but it's also true that in real life conditions they both have more dof (the Sigma because of the distance, even if 1.4, the Canon because of f4...).  My other lens right nos, the Tamron 17-35, is super accurate in af-s but I have some misses in af-c too.

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