Eye Af Test FW 3.01 -- Not Happy and Not Working Well -- Is it me or.....

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jonpais wrote:

juanmaasecas wrote:

I see the same behavior in my A7III. Face detection ON, and there is a lot of variability from shot to shot at close distances in AF-C. With face detection off (and flexible spot), there's less variability.

In low light, as the eyes are dark, the camera struggles to get focus, and some times it's hard for flexible spot to focus depending on the exposure. When face detect is ON, the camera seems to focus in other "easier" areas, so the eye is out of focus but for the camera the focus is easier and faster.

I think that's what's going on. And with face detect ON, as the camera "sees" other parts of the face being closer to the camera, the AF algos are all the time moving the focus point towards the camera, in case the person is moving, to correctly track. If you disable the face detection, the camera seems to just focus in the point, not moving it that far from it...

Do you have a before and after update video to share? With only one person aside from the OP thinking eye AF is broken with FW update 3.01, I tend to be highly skeptical.

Let me be more precise.  I don't think the eye-AF is "broken."  It is just a lot less precise.  For group shots using f/6.3 and above for more rows at a distance I leave it on and it works fine.  For faster apertures for individuals it has a lower reliability rate....lower than the A7r2 as someone else pointed out.

The highly opinionated Lloyd Chambers also has pointed this out on his site.

My only wish is that Sony revisits the issue and looks at these posts.  If they feel nothing needs to be done then so be it.  I would rather have my large investment in Sony bodies and lenses work as well as advertised,


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