S230 and focus, once more

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Re: S230 and focus, once more

Thanks for answering to all.

Of course I am aware of those little tricks to help the camera get focused. In fact, switching AiAF off did help, the focus is still fast and seems to be precise enough. But wasn't AiAF meant to facilitate shooting? All right, nobody is perfect and this system might fail sometimes, but what actually bothers me is that camera tells me: focus ok, shoot! and I shoot and afterwards I find out that I just dont have this picture.

With S200 I used AiAF when I had to take a lot of pictures in a row, it is a useful feature that saves you time and effort, no doubt. With S230 it turns out that I have to remember to always shut down AiAF when taking pictures indoors.


deni Meller wrote:

Wapper, Here is another angle on the focussing problem.
Digital cameras notoriously have difficulty focussing without an
obvious VERTICAL LINE in the focussing area of a picture. A
vertical line can be any of the following:- the side of a face or
body, side of chair, side of building or door frame, pole, tree
trunk ,fence post, gate etc. etc. Begin by focussing the camera on
such a vertical line, which is situated at the SAME distance you
want to focus on. Next, depress shutter halfway, WAIT for the
square to turn green, then RECOMPOSE the shot on the subject,
before taking the picture( depressing shutter fully). In LOW LIGHT,
always make sure there is obvious CONTRAST, in the area of the
vertical line. Once you get into the habit, looking for the
vertical line, results will come.

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