XT3, 100-400 and 1.4x TE for BIF (Update)

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Re: XT3, 100-400 and 1.4x TE for BIF (Update)

Just finished my Florida to Virginia trip by boat and evaluation of the XT3/100-400 combo -/+ the 1.4xTE. Overall, I'm pretty impressed. I really like the weight of the kit (vs larger ones I have used), the bright, beautiful EVF (with no blackout), ability to change key settings without first turning on the lens and APS-C RAW files (vs 1", I also use an RX10 IV).

My settings remain as described earlier (with Zone Area Switching set to Front). I find that it's not critical to use Boost performance mode with the 100-400 unless the 1.4x TE is attached. However, when using the 1.4x TE, I don't think use of Boost performance makes the AF-C as good as when not using the 1.4x TE. Regardless, one can still get good pics when using the 1.4xTE for BIF  (I've posted a few examples already), it's just that the keeper rate goes down.

I do appreciate that there is a significant increase in focal length capabilities when using the TE (> 600mm, so more potential difficulty focus tracking), However, I think there is some performance degradation even with Fuji providing lens and body firmware upgrades and the Boost performance option..the camera takes a hit performance-wise with respect to tracking vs no TE. As a result, when on the boat, with the boat and the birds moving..and MBIS (My Body Image Stabilization) taxed to the limit, the best keeper rate was without use of the 1.4xTE. Perhaps I'll be happier when shooting when I'm stationary.

The XT3/100-400 is a joy to shoot with..and that is the bottom line for me. I look forward to additional use of the camera and the 100-400/1.4x TE combo on land (using Boost mode) to see if I'll be happier with the keeper rate for BIF.

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