Boudoir photo poses for slightly oversized woman

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Re: Boudoir photo poses for slightly oversized woman

Barud wrote:

Problem is I have got a chance for boudoir photoshoot. The model is slightly overweight, and she doesn't like that. So, chellange is to make her look a bit slimmer.

Glamour and boudoir is my main genre.

I've invested in several books, videos and training courses. Two of my favourite resources are Damien Lovegrove and Jen Rozenbaum. These links might give you some ideas and inspiration.

Check out Jen Rozenbaum's videos on Vimeo, for example:
Boudoir photography session 1

And Damien Lovegrove 'Simply Boudoir ' training video.

Damien Lovegrove's boudoir gallery 1

Damien Lovegrove's boudoir gallery 2

And some books to consider buying:

Critsey Rowe, Boudoir Photography'

Jen Rozenbaum, 'The Boudoir Photography Cook Book'

Christa Meola, 'The Art of Boudoir Photography'

Best regards

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