Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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Re: Excellent example

AminF wrote:

You make far too sensible a point - the brand zealots and those who love the sound of their own opinion will continue to tell us why we're all wrong, if we don't believe exactly the same as they do.

The fervour on these forums is almost religious in its intensity. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

For person A to be happy it seems that person B has to be made to feel miserable - at least that's the impression you get from some of the malcontents on here.

You make a great point - use what you like and enjoy it. We're each responsible for our own definition of what is acceptable to us.

I agree with you it is a subjective thing if something is adequate to you.

Wouldn't it be lovely if people could accept that?

I do.

Still i don't think what's a higher and what's a lower quality isn't a subjective thing only. If that is your philosophy though i got your point here, still it isn't my philosophy. I would say it is at least a matter of common sense, not a subjective thing of an individual person. Furthermore the concept quality can contain quantifiable aspects, so higher quality than adequate for a certain person can exist at least in a quantifiable sense.

Of course this isn't about setting bars etc. This go's perfectly together with respecting everybody's own definition of what is acceptable or adequate to him or her self.

As it comes to respect i think it is a good thing to respect adequate with a lower quality than you like exists as it is a good thing to respect higher quality than adequate for you exists.  Respect works best both ways, right?

Felix Mak wrote:

Come on guys, not necessary to debate anymore I reckon. It's the same old story on MP3 Vs CD or even Vs Vinyl; Instant coffee Vs Starbucks Vs a cup of Blue Mountain (not the blended one please).

If anyone reckon a cheaper option is good enough, save the money and enjoy what you have on hand.

Happy shooting.


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If your facts are different we could save the peace just by calling it copy to copy variation.

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