Nasim and his friends at PhotographyLife are going fully ML

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Re: Nasim and his friends at PhotographyLife are going fully ML

DigitalFFUser wrote:

Kurgo wrote:

Just to be precise here, Nasim will use the Fuji GF system as his primary (he also has a fuji x-h1 from what I know) and will keep a z7 primarily to test lenses. Spencer on the other hand has moved to the Z system entirely, I think.

I'm honestly surprised about the complete move to the GF system, I would have bet he'd be all over the z7 as his next main body but I guess one's needs just change in time.

You were right about him using the GF as the main system. He is going to keep the Z bodies for lens testing and video. FroKnow guy also made a video that D5 is going to be his last Nikon DSLR.

Nikon are making the best cameras in the world but main Nikon youtuber and web personalities are moving to other systems. What's going on?

I am surprised by Nasim who used to be the most die-hard Nikon user. FroKnow has been putting lots of negative Nikon click-bait titles to his videos in the last one year so I was not too surprised.

Nasim reasserted that he would never move to Sony due to poor ergonomics and menu system.

Yeah I don't know about Fro these days.   I mean he quite negative on the new Z 24-70 f/4.  Yeah it's a plastic lens, but it also costs about 40% of the 2.8 version, and is a great travel lens.  I love mine, but again, I guess I don't have to agree with him and vice-versa.

As for other major Nikon users switching, I'm thinking some of it is people overracting about the AF issues and banding (which really is a non-issue in most cases).  The AF speed will be addressed as we move forward.  I mean NIkon has released at least 3 firmware versions for the Z series since it's release 9 months ago.  This is more often than most of the DSLR users are used to seeing from Nikon, which may be an indication that NIkon is really taking Z seriously.  I think some of it is a knee-jerk reaction and some people may regret going to another system, especially if they are thinking of going from Nikon to Canon.  But that's my personal perception of this.

As a hobbyists who doesn't shoot sports or wildlife, I can live with the deficiencies of the Z series (slow AF for example).   Some people probably can't, but then maybe they should hold onto their DSLRs a bit longer if that's the case, than jump ship to something else.

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