Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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Re: Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

I love my M6 (and the M100 which is just fun to carry around and use).

Your point that phone photos are good enough for many people is quite right. That's why so many people settle for taking photos only with their phone - which of course is their privilege.

I'm with you, that having a small and easy to carry camera with you at all times is preferable.

But given some of the vitriol on this thread (I see you've responded later about it), it does seem that some people just can't allow others to make up their own mind about what is acceptable to them. I would say though that modern phones give better photos than the first camera I ever used a long, long time ago - the world has come a long way in terms of image quality since those days!  I still prefer a real camera to a phone, though!

The M100 is smaller than the M6 and despite the overall simplicity (or perhaps because of it) I'm more likely to slip that in my pocket than the M6 at the moment. But if I'm going out "shooting" then of the two I'd take the M6 or - on a more serious photo day out - the M50. That's unless I wanted to break out the big guns and carry something that leaves my back aching at the end of a session!

Alastair Norcross wrote:

One of my graduate students received her Ph.D on Friday. I had the honor of awarding her the doctorate, and describing her dissertation to the audience of parents, faculty, and fellow students (our department awards the BA, MA, and Ph.D degrees in the same ceremony). Afterwards, she wanted a picture of the two of us wearing our academic robes (which are only worn on occasions like these). A mutual friend had his smartphone, so he took a picture with that. I had also brought my M6 with 32 F1.4 attached, so I gave that to him as well to take a picture. He sent her the picture from his phone, which she forwarded to me and the rest of her committee. I then sent a link to a gallery with pictures I had taken, and the picture of the two of us, taken by the same guy who took the phone picture. Here is the picture he took on his phone, just reduced in size to 2000 pixels on the longer side:

I imported it into Lightroom, and did what I could to enhance it:

Not a lot can be done with that file. Now, here's the shot from my M6, with my standard LR import settings:

Unfortunately, it looks the EXIF was stripped from the phone shot. It was an Android phone. not an ultra fancy one, but a pretty standard recent(ish) model. I'm sure my iPhone 8 would have done a better job, as would the latest really fancy and expensive non-Apple phone. But then we are talking about a phone that costs as much as my M6 and lens put together (and I'm pretty sure the cheaper combination of the M6 and 22 F2 would also have produced a nice quality image). And even then, the phone pix would have been significantly worse than the M6 pic. I know phone pictures are good enough for most people, but even the people who generally like them, and compliment the pictures they produce, can easily see how much better the large sensor shots are, when they see them. I love my iPhone, and use the camera on it sometimes, when I really don't care about picture quality. And the shots in good light are quite good. But, given how much better the M6 is, and how light and easy to carry it is, a phone camera is going to have to be an awful lot better than is currently available to persuade me to stop carrying my M6 everywhere.

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