Need information on your thoughts, V2 and 10 100 lens.

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dog house riley wrote:


I like that also. When I meant mirrorless, I was referring to Nikons Z system, too much money and too heavy, might as well stay with my current gear.

May I ask you a question? In just a few words, what are the major differences between the V1,V2?? just your opinion.

I have never held a V2 but I read a lot! V2 has a grip and is like a mini SLR. The V1 feels like classic Leica to me; think screw mount variety. V2 has pop up flash, V1 has none but there are two nice accessory flashes available. And that brings us to a major issue with the system in general; there is no compatibility with Nikon's existing flash system. Another issue that bugs the hell out of many is when you take a shot with the V1 you get an instant replay in the viewfinder and you can't turn it off. I, like others, learned long ago to tap the release right after a shot to get back to live view. When doing a sequence you will see a quick progression of images ending again with a review of the last shot. The V2 can have the image review turned off I believe. There are other things and if you have time, check out this article:

I'm studying both, I do some light sports [BMX racing] and FPS could make a difference .

Both do 15FPS with auto focus, 60FPS with focus fixed on 1st exposure!

Mostly I'd just be taking photos, of unique objects, light landscapes people and the local zoo.

I've looked at FR-1 and with my 70 300 VR, I think a neat zoo rig. Your thoughts, on this.

189-810mm equivalent! Your lens will work well but the newer, smaller, lighter, cheaper 70-300 AF-P DX lens is a great match for the V's. I don't have one but several people here do and can speak better on it. I have a 55-200 VR II (collapsable model) that works quite well but quite a bit shorter equivalent focal length. Hope this helps.


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