Why does my XT2 default to max ISO when set to auto ISO?

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Re: Why does my XT2 default to max ISO when set to auto ISO?

Samuraidog wrote:

Xena777 wrote:

There have been previous posts about the same issue in other Fuji cameras.. one of the explanations is below

Same issue with the XT2 when you have AE-L disconnected from the shutter. I.e. if it's on, it shows the exposure but it's locked from when you pushed down the shutter and doesn't continue to compensate if you are following something from dark to light. If you switch it off, it continues to exposure but it doesn't show you the value.


Yes. Looking at the link you provided, this is exactly the issue I'm experiencing, even though I didn't state it so eloquently.

I checked the firmware version on my XT2, and it is 4.30, which is apparently the latest version.

So, this is a known bug and there is nothing I can do to get the live view to show the proper ISO at half press?

I cannot copy this behavior with either X-T1 not X-E3

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