Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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Re: Bad example.

I have the Canon M6, M100 and M50.

I guess that qualifies me to be here as much as anyone else, no?

And last I looked I didn't need to be invited, or welcomed, to post on these forums by you or anyone else, but thank you for the exceedingly patronising welcome.

As to phones and cameras, the original poster made the point his Canon M gave him results he preferred to a smartphone.

Of course that resulted in a whole bunch of people telling he was wrong, then others telling them they were wrong. Zealots who have an agenda to push.

Since it seems my own post was not clear enough, I don't care what equipment is used to get a result that pleases me. And I don't think the zealots (especially the brand zealots) on these forums are in a position to tell others what they should and shouldn't use, or like.

If I like a grainy photo, my choice. If the OP likes an overprocessed Canon M photo, his choice. If a zealot likes his smartphone photo, his choice. Really - who cares what someone else thinks about it?

Does that clarify it for you?

Microprism wrote:

AminF wrote:

100% agree. Long after the pleasure I’ve had of taking a photo (and for me just the act of taking a photo is fun, no matter how it turns out) it is the memory that counts.

There are some wonderful photos from big names that are not “technically” perfect and could be outclassed with modern equipment.

There’s room for smartphone photography and camera photography. I’m not sure why zealots on both sides of this apparent argument seem to think that their opinion is authoritative for everyone else - people should use and enjoy whatever they please. It’s nobody else’s business.

If I enjoy taking a photo on my iPhone (or my camera) someone else’s opinion should not diminish that. I set the bar for what is acceptable for me. I don’t set it for anyone else, so why should anyone else set it for me?

People show where there personal bar is by what equipment they use, be it phone or camera. Everyone is welcome here, but I am a little confused why this mini-manifesto about phones and cameras for photography (I have no problem with its content) landed in the Canon M forum? From your gear list it looks like you prefer Sony, Nikon and Panasonic equipment. If you would like to be part of a conversation about Canon M gear (this forum is called "Canon EOS M Talk"), glad to have you.

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