Why does my XT2 default to max ISO when set to auto ISO?

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Re: Why does my XT2 default to max ISO when set to auto ISO?

Bob Tullis wrote:

Samuraidog wrote:

I like to set ISO to auto, and adjust SS and aperture manually. However, regardless of whether in bright sunlight with lower shutter speed and wide open aperture, the camera wants to take the shot at the maximum ISO setting (6400 in my case).

My auto ISO settings are as follows.

Default sensitivity: 200

MAX sensitivity: 6400

Min shutter speed: 1/60

I prefer the lowest ISO appropriate for the lighting conditions. Should be near 200 when outdoors in a bright environment.

Is there a setting I'm overlooking? What am I doing wrong?

What immediately comes to mind is ISO being able to be set with the front dial. In my current config, anyway, pressing the front dial toggles control between shutter speed and ISO. It's possible to turn through the range of set ISOs as well as the 3 Auto ISO settings - could you possibly have ISO set at 6400 instead of Auto 1, 2, or 3? (The Icon for ISO in the EVF will have a "dome" next to it, when Auto ISO is selected).

On my XT2, the front button adjusts between Auto ISO 1, 2 and 3, but I never use it. Pressing front dial does nothing. And scrolling front dial does nothing.

My ISO auto settings are as follows.

Auto 1:

Base: 200

Limit: 6400

SS: 1/60


Auto 2:

Base: 200

Limit: 6400

SS: 1/125


Auto 3:

Base: 200

Limit: 6400

SS: 1/250

No dome in the EVF. It only says "ISO A1" next the ISO.

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