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Re: i just started to use a 100-300mmii my personal findings.

spike29 wrote:

I am not a photographer at any means just a hobbyist who likes playing with a camera taking things i see on digital file.

After playing with a cheap TC screw on i decided to buy a "proper" long tele.

ending up with a 100-300mmii.

First real life shooting was interesting to found out:

1) aiming and following is with a compact bridge sensor easier then with a m43 sensor. (seems the bigger the sensor the wobbly the aim.)

So i figured out a two stage aim works well to get fast focus lock. (go to 200mm aim/focuslock turn further to 300mm focuslock again.)

2) DoF, strange companion in tele shots. Birds in gras and long tele shot horizontaly doesn't make it pretty. The bird nesrly fits in and the grass don't help to get nice "bokehblur". lesson: So don't shoot wide open in this case.

f6.3 is not wide open one stop closed down but still.

f7.1, told to be the sweetspot , still narrow focusfield.

Aiming up or down then f7.1 is quite alright. But in general f8 or even f9 give me more slack in focus point on subject. (don't say wide open can't but it showes your errors faster.)

Great subject/sky outlining. (shot in a angle upwards)

3) shutterspeed, well , i Have a G80, which has a great shuttersystem which does have low shuttershock risk's so i tent to be in "auto-modes" until now i never switched to EFC-shutter or ESHTR-shutter (Mechanical Shuttersound is soft/low key so i think only easily scared wildlife needs the silenced -mode including Eshutter. (feel free to correct me. )

4) hand held technique and support, yes a monopod can help out, but breathing out wile shutterrelease and don't get your hardbeat too high does help more i think and don't force the shutterbutton, just applying gently more presure until it decides to go "click". (at all focuslenght)

5) CA and other strange light effects, it seems that the longer the focal length the more this pops up/get visible . So try to avoid shooting into (the sun) light and or bright background behind tree branches. (sometimes it brings you a extra sunflare effect what can be flavor the image so it doesn't bother me too much if i have to.)

6) Dual IS2: that's your friend ánd enemy!

It loures you in slower shutterspeeds wile it can't stop motionblur of the subject it can stabilize your shakingblur. This way you can get lots of "miss aimed focuspoint feelings"

it looks like you got the focuspoint of but the bird moved a bit so all is in focus/sharp and the bird not. (my G80 lacks a threshold modes for SS. which my fz200! does have. )

7) focus: i started to use AE/AF-lock button and the switch around it and i think it helps you to get more burstshots wile the lens doesn't hunt when branches and things move by wind around your subject. same as AFC, it drains your battery more but usefull for tele lenses.

Pinpoint focus or smallest box you can make? i found the pinpoint very tricky : slidge sliding of the target is misfocus. So i keep mallest box as main focus type. Tracking focusbox modes, it's a new thing i not be used to use. So fleeing animals shots would benefit from this i think.

8) getting your gear set up right béfore you see something!! very very important.

keeping control of the gearsetting knowing what when where to use. 4k modes or A-mode or S-mode, AF or MF, don't foret to unlock the AE/AFlock

sometimes i see a small Eurasian wren and i often miss the opportunity fiddling with my gear to get it in my frame in focus. very anoying.. LOL

9) 100-300mmii , good or not? much better then my technique i think.

Light and luck are as important as technique, I’ve found. One of the reasons the first picture of the godwit doesn’t really work is because the background / grass is well lit while the bird is in shadow. If crouching is an option, trying to bring sky in the picture would have helped or wait until the bird moves to a different position of course (they are quite keen to scare you away around this period ).

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