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While I don't feel like I'm a complete newbie to camera equipment I have been at a loss as to what to do for upgrading our video camera system. I thought I might try here to see if anyone does this sort of thing for a living and might be able to provide some insight.

I need a video camera rig that I can bring to refineries, plants, construction sites, and also indoor office areas. I need it to be able to handle stabilization, movement, FOCUS (number 1 request), and possibly 4k. Most of the time I'll be alone but sometimes will have a 2nd person with me. (normally to capture audio)

I already have a very good audio setup. I own a Rode boom (NTG3). It came with a Wombat cover and extension pole for overhead capture.
I also own a ZOOM H6 Recorder (can plug in XLR inputs) and find it great at what it does.

For a camera I currently own a Canon EOS 5d Mark III with two fantastic lens to go along with it. For photography it works awesome. But for video capture, it works great until I have to introduce movement. Then its auto focus while filming (continuous focus) is TERRIBLE. As in basically non-existent. I also have a hand held Neewer Stabilizer which works great except for when I change the focus plane, than I'm screwed.

Does anyone have any ideas for me? I have a budget of a couple thousand. Maybe I can go up to 3k but that'd be pushing it.
Do I purchase a new video camera? Is there some kind of rig/system I can implement with my current equipment? Or scrap everything and purchase a goPro. (I'd really rather not do that last one)

Thank you for any insight!

We went from the mk3 to the mk4 to the gh5s and now have the fuji xt3 as our main cameras.

along the way we also had the 7dmk2, Sony a6300 and the canon c100 mk2.....

The canons are well past it. 8 bit colour, no high frame rates, low data rates, low useable Log ...

Gh5s is excellent....

The Fuji is the best by far.

10 bit colour in 4k at 60fps. In log. Internally.

Excellent af, and great low light preformance. Almost as good as the gh5s. Way better than the canons.

The best hybrid solution by far, and possibly the best value of any video centric camera ever.


ps... we 5 of em now.

If you needed autofocus AND stabilization as the OP asked what would you suggest? GH5 non-S? Is autofocus of the XT3 way better than GH5S' or just a bit?

Tbh I’m always dubious about people’s need for ibis on video....

if your moving the camera.... it’s not good enough. You need a gimbal if you want smooth movement.

if your not moving the camera O.I.S. plus a monopod gives excellent results... or better yet a tripod.

I know this is against forum dogma....

the gh5 is so poor at low light I can’t recomend that. (We had one for a while...) the op is doing indoor work and frankly it’s not a scratch for low light even against his mk3.

We haven’t noticed any appreciable difference in af between the xt3 and the gh5s.... both have been pretty good. MUCH better than the mk3 odviously.

With the proviso that on a fixed subject... continuous focus should not be used as the camera will hunt occasionally... this is the case on any of the cameras we have had... including the mk4 canon.

One of the advantages of the Fuji is is excellent video aids... something you don’t get on the easier to manual focus as well.

Thanks for your very useful responses based on experience. These are so rare today. I keep reading other people's theoretical thoughts on the subject which often have nothing to do with the reality.

I think there is no forum dogma. Different people have different requirements. I think it's difficult for the OP (who seems to be missing) to setup tripods or bring monopods, or use gimbals in places like refineries, production plants etc. Or filming needs to be started without much preparation. It's understood that IBIS will never be as good or better than a tripod or a gimbal. But when tripods and gimbals cannot be used IBIS will be better than nothing.

I am curious about your statement that the GH5 is very poor at low light for video. Even with a fast lens like F1.7?

Well it’s horses for courses... the issue is that it’s a micro 4/3 chip with a high pixel density... so it’s never going to be able to compete with larger chipped cameras... in our experience the noise above 800 iso was unacceptable. Faster lenses will help, but you can’t ovecome the chips inherent small size.

You originally compared the GH5 (non-S) to Canon 5D Mk III but the latter can't do 4K, Mk IV can but its crop factor for 4K is 1.74, which makes the sensor readout pretty close to m43. Besides the rolling shutter is pretty bad and the lens choice becomes awkward due to crop factor. I thought maybe you meant the 5D Mk IV when you made that comparison.

sorry,  you’ve got me bit confused...   the gh5 is worse at low light imho than either the mk3 or the mk4

The op has the mk3 which is why I said I wouldn't recommend the gh5... as the op is doing indoor work.

the canon mk4 is a fine stills camera,  but a dogs dinner of a video camera...   the gh5s and the xt3 are vastly superior....

its really the 10 bit colour that makes all the difference.  8 bit video just cannot come close....

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