135mm vs 70-200mm

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Re: 135mm vs 70-200mm

Philnw2 wrote:

MarcoE wrote:

anybody who switched from telezoom to prime ? I was aiming for the sony fe 70-200mm f4 until i saw some reviews of 135mm lenses. Zoom (versatility) versus prime quality and relative more compact /less weight. My main use with the telezoom will be landscapes and incidental portraits. The 135mm is the other way around but is also perfectly usable for landscapes. I know i should try both at a local store but would like to know your experience.

Its interesting to me that others are thinking the way I did.

I used to do more indoor event stuff, and for that the 70-200 works.

But i wasn't doing it anymore and rarely carried the 70-200 f4 FE, so i sold it.

I have the MC-11, and first bought the EF 85, then the EF 100 f2, and then the EF 200 f2.8. After trying the EF 200, i decided it was too heavy and too narrow a view/so i returned it, although it was a fine lens. So then bought the EF 135 f2 and love it. Its a nice complement to my Tamron 28--75 f2.8. They are both around the same size and fit comfortably in a smallish bag.

When you use a DOF calculator app. for a 135mm lens, i found that at a focusing distance of 100 feet, and at f2, the DOF is quite large, abt 20'. That works great for some evening shots in low light.

Phil B

I've been thinking to go a similar route.  I rented the 70-200 F4 and I liked it but I only used it for one event.  My main lens is the 24-105mm and I mostly do car photography so my subjects are rarely moving and I thought about picking up the Canon 135mm F2 for cheap and adapt since I have a MC-11.  I may need to rent the Canon to make a final decision though.

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