Dust on SD Quattro sensor

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Re: Dust on SD Quattro sensor

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I developed a large dust spot on my sdQ but it was easy to remove with just a hand bulb blower after removing the IR dust cover. It just snaps in/out easily and I use a pair of tweezers to lift it out and reinsert it back. Just hold the camera with the open lens opening and blow air onto the sensor with the bulb and the particles should fall out. I do take the IR dust cover on-off often when shooting IR images with a red 720nm lens filter.

Thanks TClair,

Yes, that's what I was afraid of. I'm increasingly wobbly and clumsy so no way am I going to insert tweezers into a living camera I shall have to find someone to do it for me.

Wise decision, George, especially if you're not too handy. Even as an amateur watch-fixer with all the kit, I totally made a mess of my first go on the SD10 - smears and more bits than it started with. Only after buying the proper stuff (wet) did I start to do a passable job.

Currently got two spots on the SD1. Sod's (Murphy's) law says they always get onto the bottom of the sensor meaning that they appear up there in the sky, of course!

Maybe we should store our cameras upside-down ?

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