Zoom or no Zoom that is the question.

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Re: Zoom or no Zoom that is the question.

AussiePhil wrote:

imperial wrote:

I'm replacing my Sigma 24-35 F2 lens. Started off eyeing the Sony 16-36 F2.8 GM but starting to thing that zoom covering the wide range of focal length is not as important as before.

now this is a good question only you and your shooting style can answer, primes definitely have a purpose but I would think you would want two primes min to cover the range and personally i’d,not give up the zoom convenience. A high quality zoom will give little to nothing away to the primes... Sigme do good lenses but the GM Sony would be better.

Since Zoom lens sharpness are different in each focal point in the Zoom, the IQ wouldn't be as consistent. so what is the point of buying that expensive zoom?

‘Double blind test with 10k on the line and I’d still bet that you couldn’t tell the difference for equaled framed shots at different zoom points. Stop reading test charts and go take some photos.

I might as well buy a wide prime with consistence IQ and if not wide enough I'll just do pano's plus its lighter and less expensive.

‘You are freaking out about IQ but are willing to accept pano stitching issues ... now that’s consistent

Plus, you can crop in post for that tighter shots.

so you drop pixel count on the subject.... drop in IQ really... get it’s higher than an vaguely seeable difference between two zoom points

What do you guys think?

bluntly, go and enjoy your camera and stop,stressing over minute chart differences

Secondly, I've haven't seen any dxomark rating on the Batis 18/2.8 but heard that B 25/2 is a great lens. Which one would you guys choose and what others out there are good?

Personally I don’t get people’s reliance on dxomark... but each to their own

Well, i might dwell a little too much on IQ. But come on your spending your money and you should get everything from it.

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