Forthcoming RX10MkV - Any realistic hints here?

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Re: Forthcoming RX10MkV - Any realistic hints here?

Stephen Ingraham wrote:

Okay, lets look at the lens, which seems to be what most in this thread are doubting.

In real terms it would a 444mm lens at the long end. If you look at, say the Canon 100-400 f5.6 zoom, or the Tamron which is even smaller, you can get an idea of the scale of 1 inch sensor camera with a 1200mm equivalent lens. Would anyone buy it? The Canon 100-400 zoom is perhaps their most popular lens and is carried in the field by thousands of wildlife photographers. On an APS-C body it is the equivalent of a 600mm lens. It is considered a compact lens. Why would wildlife and bird photographers NOT buy a camera with the RX10’s image quality and the equivalent of a 1200mm f5.6 lens (assuming that they can maintain the current zoom’s quality) that is no bigger than a Canon 100-400 on a compact Canon body and gives twice the reach? I think it could be a winner, if Sony decided to go that way...and remember this is Sony. The RX10V will not be a “replacement” for the RX10iv or even an will just be an expansion of the RX10 line. The iv will still be there for years for those who can live with the shorter zoom and want something more compact. Just saying!

Would the need to go down to 9mm, f/2.4 at the wide end not make it a much larger, heavier lens than one that only does down to 100mm?  For example, my 55-210 E-mount zoom is much smaller and cheaper than my 18-200.

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