Full Frame Mirrorless vs APS-C DSLR

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Re: Full Frame Mirrorless vs APS-C DSLR

Mike_1972 wrote:

baloo_buc wrote:

I would be worried if a 241 g will make me collapse. Put a lens for each and you may see that the difference is laughable.

Let's put some real lenses on Sony A7II body and Nikon D750. A walkaround lens would be Sony FE 28-135 mm f/4 (1215 g) and, respectively, 24-120 mm f/4 (710 g).

So a real comparison would be Sony A7II (599+1215=1814 g) vs Nikon D750 (840+710=1550 g). If you consider weight the main criterion why would you buy Sony?!

Yes, 1/2 lb can be make or break for me. Not funny or laughable.

Anyway, seems the D5600 and lenses should be the best, as lenses are light for those.

Make sure you check that you are happy with the small (95%), dim pentamirror viewfinder before you buy. Both Canon and Nikon use these in their base-level cameras (which is partly why they are so cheap).

I said earlier in the thread that I don't like EVFs https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/62705266 but I prefer them to these dim pentamirror OVFs.

The Pentax K-70 is the cheapest camera you'll find with a bright 100% pentaprism OVF. It weighs a couple of hindered grams more than the D5600 but Pentax lenses tend to be lighter than Nikkor so there's not much difference there. When it comes to buying more lenses in future Pentax cameras have IBIS so you aren't restricted in wondering about whether to pay a premium for lenses with VR - and there are still plenty of Nikkor lenses without a VR option.

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