Sony 24-105mm F4 OR Tamron 28-75mm

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Re: Sony 24-105mm F4 OR Tamron 28-75mm

dkeller wrote:

Did a cloud come over during the first shot? In any case, comparing the pictures is pretty much meaningless due to this,

Dig a little deeper!

If you follow the wedges from right to left, you will see that the point, indicated by the green numbers, where the lines become too fuzzy to see separately is about the same for each lens. So the two lenses are roughly the same in this one observation.

One being lighter than the other does not change this. Each is at its widest aperture. Shutter speed and ISO are the same. The tripod did not move.

Going to the 50mm f1.8 I did have to change the shutter speed.

These crude tests helped me decide to keep the Tamron.  I thought others might be interested.

You do have to work quickly lest the light change.

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