Good Results Require Understanding

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Good Results Require Understanding

This camera tends to get a bad rap because some people buy it thinking it's a simple point and shoot, but it's actually a feature-packed compact camera that requires knowledge of basic camera elements such as aperture and shutter speed to get the most out of it.

Results in low light are not great no matter how it's approached. They can be on the verge of great if you use slow shutter speeds and low ISO levels, but that isn't practical when trying to hold the camera and snap pics. I mostly keep the ISO level limited to 800. I'm guessing ISO levels above that yield poor results in low light because of the 1/2.3" sensor.

When the aperture is opened all the way ( f/3.3 ) and you try to shoot something like a landscape, the edge of images can appear soft/out of focus. If you shoot a landscape or any other scene where you want everything in focus, it's best to set the aperture to f/8. The entire image will be less sharp, but it's a more consistent focus throughout the image.

Zooming in on things yields awesome results.

There's a night mode that allows the shutter to be open for up to 60 seconds.

There's tons of options and lots of different ways to approach what you're aiming for.

Here's a couple shots in a lower light setting I snapped while holding the camera:

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