Full Frame Mirrorless vs APS-C DSLR

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Re: Full Frame Mirrorless vs APS-C DSLR

baloo_buc wrote:

I would be worried if a 241 g will make me collapse. Put a lens for each and you may see that the difference is laughable.

Let's put some real lenses on Sony A7II body and Nikon D750. A walkaround lens would be Sony FE 28-135 mm f/4 (1215 g) and, respectively, 24-120 mm f/4 (710 g).

So a real comparison would be Sony A7II (599+1215=1814 g) vs Nikon D750 (840+710=1550 g). If you consider weight the main criterion why would you buy Sony?!

Yes, 1/2 lb can be make or break for me. Not funny or laughable.

Anyway, seems the D5600 and lenses should be the best, as lenses are light for those.

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