32 mp really?

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Re: 32 mp really?

cba_melbourne wrote:

Jonas Palm wrote:

I also make occasional large prints. Love the physicality of them, and if you hang them on a wall, being ever present will make them ingrained into your mind and memory.

It’s not an either/or proposition. But lets be clear about statistics here. Several billion new images are shared on the internet every day. So how many more images stay on phones or computers? A factor of hundred? A factor of thousand? Compared to that photo print volumes are completely negligeable. So generalizing about photographic needs based on (no cropping allowed!) prints, is intellectually dishonest, and only applies to an infinitesimally small number of images overall.

The thing is this, mainly exceptional pictures, pictures that speak directly to your brain, make it to a large print. Those pictures almost invariably will be seen as a whole from a distance. Because they engage the viewer and entice emotions. There is no need nor desire to zoom in to discover something relevant.

The other 100 or 1000 pictures left in digital form are those that do not talk for themselves. We instinctively want to zoom in for curiosity - but there is rarely something hidden in the details that speaks to us. It's just average pictures. They do not become better in an artistic sense, just because we can pixel peep and confirm that they technically perfectly sharp.

That is just way too big an overgeneralisation. "Prints are for the elite images, screens are for the leftovers." More wishful thinking than reality.

Screen-based viewing, even of the best images in the world, is the norm today. So cameras need to be compatible with the habits of screen-based photo appreciation. Those habits include whole-image appreciation, and zooming in to appreciate amazing detail.

There is a parallel in tradition, too. Ancient wall murals were made for standing back and appreciating the whole story, and stepping up to enjoy the amazing scenes within small sections. The small sections weren't just blurry broad brush strokes.


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