Which Sony A7 to use MC-11 and Sigma ART lenses

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Which Sony A7 to use MC-11 and Sigma ART lenses


Though I ask here as I know little of the Sony A7 series of cameras. My primary system is Sigma so I have a lot of Sigma ART lenses. The Foveon sensor is not know for high ISO capabilities, so I am considering a A7 to use for high ISO/low light situations with a MC-11 adapter and my ART lenses.

I don't need large cropping possibilities as I can just change lens.

I am not expecting to buy Sony lenses only use my ART lenses with MC-11

I shoot RAW.

The A7 II is available for half the price of the A7R II and A7 III so it is very tempting.

What I'm wondering about is if there are anything specific about the A7 II to be aware of when considering it against the other two. As I said image quality at high iso is important at least up to 6400. Is AF working fine with the MC-11 or are there differences between A7 II and III or A7R II?

I have search the net but find mostly that the difference are not so big, although the comparison always list up a number of improvements. But is it 10% improvement or 40%?

After all I could almost get a X100F (light camera to bring with me when a big lens and camera would be awkward) and the A7 II for the price of one if the other A7s.

Any info much appreciated.

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