Need information on your thoughts, V2 and 10 100 lens.

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Re: Need information on your thoughts, V2 and 10 100 lens.

Lots of good information here.  But if I had to pick one, I'd go along with Cosmicnode's quick and efficient response.  You already know you have the FT1 option, which is always a great thing to have available.  But the V1 and the two lenses that were mentioned would be a fairly inexpensive way to experience the small lightweight N1 system operating at peak efficiency.  It would also be a surprisingly versatile simple kit!

Note to everyone else.  It's Friday night, and a young (at heart) man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of beer.  So now I'm thinking of a theoretical situation.  Let's say you were going to go down to the pub, and you might wind up seeing one of four friends there.  These potential drinking buddies are Reginald, Clarence, Robert, and Dog House.  I mean, with whom would you rather have a beer?  With a name like that, this guy has got to be AOK! 

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