Full Frame Mirrorless vs APS-C DSLR

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Re: Full Frame Mirrorless vs APS-C DSLR

AlbertTheLazy wrote:

Mike_1972 wrote:

In terms of image quality and performance, which is better for stills? I'm sure it depends on which cameras and lenses are chosen and what is meant by better, but can 1 say since the mirrorless would have a bigger sensor, image quality is likely better?

Quite simply, the viewfinder technology has absolutely no bearing on pure image quality. So a full frame camera of any type will beat a crop frame camera of any type, assuming similar lens and sensor quality.

That isn't true. The Canon RP gets beaten by almost every new aps-c camera iq wise and in low-light. Not to mention video because nearly every camera is better than the Canon RP. The same with the Canon 6d which isn't good at all in low-light and really sucks at video, as do most Canon cameras (not all).

If you choose full frame you will only get the maximum benefit if you buy really decent lenses. And we all know they are very expensive and the zooms are also very heavy and bulky.

Not to mention the fact that the advantage of the better FF cameras is mainly in low-light. With good light, there is hardly any benefit at all.

If weight is an issue, the OP will make a better choice going for aps-c.

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