"Subpar" Nikon EN-EL15b Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

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almost certainly not Nikon's supply chain

shuncheung wrote:

j_bro, thanks for the detailed post with various images. If this is affecting not only B&H but also stores in the UK, it sounds like the problem comes from inside Nikon or their contractors handling the batteries somewhere inside the Nikon supply chain.

There is almost no chance that fake batteries got into Nikon's authorized supply chain.

What is about 1000X more likely is that some retailers bought what they believed were genuine Nikon products from a third-party source, and they got cheated. Some retailers buy from a wide variety of suppliers, and there's a whole industry of alternative suppliers in the camera business (and nearly all other businesses, as well).

Years ago, when I bought film for a camera store, we could get Kodak film from Kodak or from any of a dozen gray market suppliers scattered around the U.S. We did occasionally buy gray market film for customers who wanted the lower price. There was no such thing as fake film (as far as I know), but if there had been, it would have been very easy for us to buy some, knowingly or not, from Abe in Los Angeles or Sonny in Brooklyn. We had no idea where their film came from, and they would never have told us.

Of course, genuine but defective batteries could easily come from Nikon themselves. But it's extremely unlikely that fake batteries could get into the warehouses of Nikon's authorized supply chain (most of which is wholly-owned by Nikon).

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