Olympus E-M1 II vs. Canon 5D Mark II

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Re: Olympus E-M1 II vs. Canon 5D Mark II

Tommi K1 wrote:

Did you know that thread is over 2 years old?

Papi Picante wrote:

For example people in real life situations with no flash. Image stabilization does nothing for you the only option is to crank the ISO like crazy and it looks plain out bad.

Sadly that is untrue on both claims.

  1. You can use slower shutter speed that is not enough to freeze the motion of the subject, and photo can look good (content related) if the environment is sharp and detailed enough. If you have everything blurry (no image stabilization) then it is more unlikely bad frame.
  2. You can use Image Stabilization to avoid going even higher ISO, but the truth still is, pixel peepers loses their minds about "noise" as they can't see past it. While those who enjoy watching and value the photographs, like they watch paintings and other art, they don't care about such things as it would be like saying that art piece is bad because artist used #16 brush instead #4.

1. Like I said, moving people in low light. Looking for sharp moving facial features. If your shooting flowers or landscape IS is incredible.

2. I often enjoy noisy pictures. Just look here www instagram.com/utility.image.baw this is not always good though.

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