How to SDQ Firmware downgrade?

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Firmware downgrade SD14 style

Amadeus21 wrote:

I have the far, far remembrance, that in former times some user succeeded in downgrading by editing the firmware file itself and counting the *older* FW to a *higher* version than the actual one. e.g.: you have 1.3 in camera, you want to downgrade to 1.2, which is impossible. Then you go and change the versioning inside a 1.2 file to, say, 1.4. It was said that then the camera will eat the older version.

For sure, this is a remembrance of me. You will do it on your own risc. There is the risc that you may brick your camera.

The trick to "downgrading" was to change just the name of the firmware file to a  number higher than the one installed on the camera. No changes to the contents of the file were needed.

So if you have 1.05 installed, and want to install 1.04, you change the name of the file from s14v104_0_000.bin to s14v106_0_000.bin, and when you are installing it, the camera only uses the file name to identify the version number. Once installed, the firmware in the camera has the correct 1.04 number.

I did this with an SD14. I have no information on whether this would still be possible in newer cameras.

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